SHIPREALITY, based on extensive business experience, uniquely combines marine engineering, geometrical modeling, VR/AR/MR ship design, software development and gaming graphics in order to successfully develop state-of-the-art technology solutions for the shipping industry.



FALAB laboratory Company is the world’s leading pioneer in testing and technical services. FALAB is a comprehensive third party organization including inspection, identification, failure analysis and consulting service. FALAB can provide the one-stop quality solutions for global customers, and contribute to the entire industry chain for Chinese society.



Founded in 1947, Weselmann’s headquarters are in Hamburg, the heart of Germany’s maritime industry.
We offer a range of technical consultancy services for the shipping industry, including ship valuations, damage and condition surveys, repair supervision and follow-up surveys for newly built vessels of all kinds.



SpectrumLabs, quality control laboratories, is the first laboratory in Piraeus, Greece. Company is specialized in quality testing materials/fluids with various technics as well as in the field of Non Destructive Testing covering the needs of marine, industrial, energy and mechanical sector.
SpectrumLabs has been established since 1967 and is accredited by Hellenic Accreditation Council under ISO 17025:2005 and is certified by BVQI under ISO 9001:2015.


TRIIRIS Grinding & Machining Co.


In-Situ Machining Solutions provided by TRIIRIS Ltd offer a crankshaft repair service consisting of highly trained and motivated teams of supervisors in the refurbishment of crankshaft, crankpin and bearings on land sites and on board sea going vessels and off-shore anywhere in the world.